Randy Lane Bunch Communications

Dr. Randy Bunch has been involved with various forms of media ministry for many years. In addition to writing, editing, and designing Connecting Point Magazine, He also has filmed, edited and produced various video productions, such as The Caitlin Hashim Show, a weekly 10-minute teaching program hosted by Caitlin Hashim of Summit Bible College. Dr. Randy has also had designed ads that have appeared in magazines such as the prestigious Rowing  Magazine and has done much design work for various ministries as well. Additionally, he has designed numerous websites for his own and other ministries and businesses.


Many smaller businesses, churches, and ministries would love to produce media to advance their vision but lack the personnel or technical skills required to produce the media desired. To address this need, Dr. Randy has begun Randy Lane Bunch Communications, a small business in the Bakersfield area that furnishes quality media for a reasonable price that will fit into the budget of a smaller church or business. Whether you need a brochure, website, business cards, video for YouTube or Vimeo, Randy Lane Bunch Communications may have the solution for you.

To get in touch with Dr. Randy, simply email him at randylanebunch@reagan.com. We will be happy to sit down with you and find a media package that will fit into your business or ministry budget. We look forward to serving you!