Affiliates & Friends

The Couriers – L.D. Carroll’s memoir of serving the persecuted Christians in Eastern Europe before the fall of Communism. Go with L.D. and his team as they avoid the secret police and carry Bibles and other materials to believers who are suffering for their faith. A timely and relevant story for today, both exciting and inspiring.

Summit Bible College – a non-denominational Bible College in Bakersfield, California with a mission to “equip Christian leaders to help those in need.” Summit has been doing just that since 1996. Dr. Randy is a professor and graduate advisor at Summit Bible College and earned his doctorate there. They offer degrees from Associate to Doctor in Ministry, Theology, and Divinity with such emphases as Christian Coaching, Chaplaincy, Counseling, Missions and Evangelism, and much more.

Caitlin Hashim – Caitlin is Vice President of Operations at Summit Bible College and the host of the Caitlin Hashim Show which airs every Thursday at 1:00 P.M. on KERI, 1410 AM in Bakersfield. She also hosts a video show by the same name on YouTube. Caitlin is also a dynamic speaker and teacher.

Delighted Coaching – Lauren Patterson is the founder of Delighted Coaching and also a professor and staff member of Summit Bible College, and helped to develop the Chrisitan Coaching Department there. With 20 years of experience in the business world, she brings a broad knowledge to her clients to help them achieve their personal goals and fulfill God’s vision for their lives.

World Ministry Fellowship – World Ministry Fellowship is a cooperative fellowship of Christian ministers and churches that provide its members community and fellowship, credentials and oversight, professional development and empowerment.