Health & Wellness

Like many people, Dr. Randy struggled with his weight for many years. Though a longtime weight-lifter and fitness enthusiast, he increasingly found his time in the gym was become less and less effective in keeping off unwanted fat. Coupled with the sedentary nature of the ministry and increasing demands on his time, he found he was packing on more and more weight and feeling the adverse effects of it in many areas of his health.

In addition to hurting knee joints, he suffered from regular heartburn and acid reflux. Fatigue was also a problem as the extra weight and unhealthy lifestyle robbed him of the much-needed energy to keep pace with his ministry demands. Besides the health issues that the unwanted weight presented, Dr. Randy also felt he couldn’t represent the Lord in the best possible way without taking responsibility for his appearance. After seeing photos from a photo session with his adult children, Dr. Randy decided it was time to take decisive action. Both he and his wife, Maria, began a health journey which transformed their lives in only a few months.

Now, Dr. Randy and Maria’s health journey is being used by many other health coaches to inspire others to recapture their health. Together, they have lost 137 pounds, and the health issues that Dr. Randy was dealing with have disappeared along with the weight. Now they are helping others to get healthy as well. God made us spirit, soul, AND body, and as the scriptures tell us, “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s” (1 Corinthians 6:20).

Today, Dr. Randy is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. His desire is to help others, particularly those who have struggled as he did, to recover their health and take control back of their lives. We are to be stewards of our bodies which are the temple of God, and we want to serve long and not just strong! If you are interested in taking your health back, contact Dr. Randy by using the Contact page, or email him at