Healing School

Healing School is a direct response to a special call God gave to Pastor Randy in regard to the healing ministry. Many years ago, the Lord spoke to him in a very special time of prayer. During this time the Lord told him that the defense of the truths of divine healing would have a significant role in his ministry. This has certainly proved to be true.

Since that time, Pastor Randy has had the opportunity to preach and teach on the subject of healing all across the country and in other nations of the world, and the Lord has been faithful to confirm His Word time and again with miracles of healing as people have responded in faith. For a few years, Pastor Randy had the privilege of broadcasting his television ministry in India’s southern-most province of Tamil Nadu. The tremendous testimonies of healing that occurred during this time of ministry are still a high spot for Pastor Randy in regard to the healing ministry. Recently, Dr. Randy has begun broadcasting again in that same area, and now Connecting Point TV is now going into over a million homes in India each week.

Pastor Randy has authored two books that focussed either exclusively or significantly on the subject. Whether you need healing or not, sickness is a universal reality in this sin-sick world. It touches each life, either directly or indirectly, and yet, the Great Physician is still in business, healing the sick and restoring lives to wholeness.

For more information on this subject, we recommend you purchase Pastor Randy’s book, The Gospel’s Saving Power, which deals extensively with the subject. It is available in paperback or in ebook format through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and as an ebook through Apple iBooks.

Below are the six audio lessons and PDF outlines to the course. Please email us with any testimonies of how the course impacted your life!

Healing School, Spring Session 2015 (Cover)

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