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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Writing Our Mission Statement!

Since writing down the initial mission statement for Connecting Point Commnications (see below), God has miraculously opened some new doors for us in other nations. We have been involved in ministry in India for many years, dating back to the early 2000’s when we had a television show which aired in Tamil Nadu, India’s southern-most province. Recently, God opened a new door to us for telecasting in the same region with the help of our dear friends there. Now, Connecting Point TV is going into potentially a million or more homes through internet broadcasting. We’ve only begun this new outreach and already testimonies are beginning to come back from viewers.

We have also been engaged in ministry in Pakistan for a number of years. It began initially with supporting an orphanage run by some dear friends of ours there. Their ministry conducts massive crusades in their nation, and they see many won to Christ. More recently, God has opened door for us to do crusades through live-streaming there as well. We have already seen hundreds come to Christ, read testionies of temendous healings and miracles and seen Bibles distributed to those coming to faith. This ministry, like the one in India, is relatively new and still developing. 

What you’ll read below still stands as a mission statement for what we believe is our objective for our own nation, but as God continues to open more international oppportunities for us, the mission is expanding. We will update this page soon with a mission statement that better reflects the work God is doing through all the phases of Connecting Point Communications.

With all sincerety, we ask you to pray for us and for those helping us half a world away. Some of them are daring great risk to themselves and their families by serving the Lord faithfully in places where the gospel is not welcome by some. If you would like to support our efforts with a gift to help us with these outreaches, it would likewise be much appreciated. You can send your tax deductible page by going here.

Current Mission Statement

Sometime back I sat down to write the mission statement of Connecting Point Communications. It’s important to know why one is doing what one is doing, and equally important to be able to communicate it to others. While this ministry is still in its infancy, we have identified a few things that we believe define the mission for Connection Point Communications.

  • Connection Point Communications exists to challenge the assumptions of a postmodern society by demonstrating the reasonableness and coherence of the Christian Worldview.
  • We also exist to help teach and inspire Christians to articulate their faith authentically, boldly, compassionately and persuasively to a society that has embraced the seductive fallacy of secular progressivism.
  • We exist to present the objective, moral truth of God’s Word to a society that is quickly embracing moral relativism as its cultural ethos.
  • Furthermore, we exist to marshal the talents and skills of those desiring to defend the biblical worldview through all forms of media, including blogs, teaching materials, video production, social media, and our flagship publication, Connecting Point Magazine.
  • We are disciples making disciples.

If this is something that interests you, we invite you to partner with us. We value your prayer and financial support, as well as any content you might like to share. We value your voice, and there is a wide world around us all that desperately needs to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

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