Our Mission

The mission of Connecting Point Communications has grown as God has opened doors for us in the nations. Initially, our goal was to address the challenges our own nation was facing due to the escalating threat of ideologies such as materialism (or philosophical naturalism), secular progressivism, and moral relativism.

This was our primary focus, particularly in our writing. We also already had other teaching resources available on a wide range us topics through our podcast. However, as God began opening doors for us in the nations, it became apparent that evangelism would also become a focus. Now, in addition to our flagship publication, Connecting Point Magazine, we are broadcasting our television show into many nations of the world, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, and many more. We also recently added new networks, Kingdom Building TV and King Television to our broadcast outreach, enlarging the footprint of the television ministry even more.

Along with reaching the nations through television and internet broadcasting and podcasting, God has allowed us to conduct Skype crusades in a particular nation in which Christianity is the minority religion. We have seen hundreds come to Christ in this predeominantly Muslim nation and received many miraculous testimonies of healing and deliverance as well. In short, we are disciples making disciples using digital media as our primary means of communication. Below, you will see the primary points of the purpose for which we believe God has raised up this ministry.

They are as follows:

  • Connection Point Communications exists to challenge the assumptions of a postmodern, secular society by demonstrating the reasonableness and coherence of the Christian Worldview.
  • We also exist to help teach and inspire Christians to articulate their faith authentically, boldly, compassionately, and persuasively to a society that has embraced the false ideologies the post-christian West.
  • We exist to present the objectiven truth of God’s Word to a society that is quickly embracing moral relativism as its cultural ethos.
  • Furthermore, we exist to marshal the talents and skills of those desiring to defend the biblical worldview through all forms of media, including blogs, teaching materials, video production, social media, and our flagship publication, Connecting Point Magazine.
  • We exist to reach beyond our shores into the nations of the world through evangelism and work with indiginous ministries to develop Christ-followers.
  • We exist to demonstrate that Jesus is alive and working in the lives of both saved and unsaved through His healing, delivering power.
  • We are disciples making disciples.

If this is something that interests you, we invite you to partner with us. We value your prayer and financial support, as well as any content you might like to share. We value your voice, and there is a wide world around us all that desperately needs to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.