Sometime back I sat down to write the mission statement of Connecting Point Communications. It’s important to know why one is doing what one is doing, and equally important to be able to communicate it to others. While this ministry is still in its infancy, we have identified a few things that we believe define the mission for Connection Point Communications.

  • Connection Point Communications exists to challenge the assumptions of a postmodern society by demonstrating the reasonableness and coherence of the Christian Worldview.
  • We also exist to help teach and inspire Christians to articulate their faith authentically, boldly, compassionately and persuasively to a society that has embraced the seductive fallacy of secular progressivism.
  • We exist to present the objective, moral truth of God’s Word to a society that is quickly embracing moral relativism as its cultural ethos.
  • Furthermore, we exist to marshal the talents and skills of those desiring to defend the biblical worldview through all forms of media, including blogs, teaching materials, video production, social media, and our flagship publication, Connecting Point Magazine.
  • We are disciples making disciples.

If this is something that interests you, we invite you to partner with us. We value your prayer and financial support, as well as any content you might like to share. We value your voice, and there is a wide world around us all that desperately needs to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

This is my personal ministry website. It is a resource rich ministry site that we pray will be a blessing to your spiritual life!

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