Other Resources

Here you will find a potpourri of various links and recommended resources for your ongoing research and learning! This is only representative of the many wonderful resources available today. Avail yourself of these and be sure to share them with others!

LIST OF RECOMMENDED APOLOGISTS – Just in case you missed it on the other pages where it’s posted!

Capturing Christianity – A great website with numerous articles and interviews on various topics. A great apologetics resource.

The Veritas Forum – Engaging discussions about the relevant issues of the day by some of the brightest thinkers of our times.

The Trinity Forum – Another excellent organization that is “Contributing to the Transformation and Renewal of Society Through the Transformation and Renewal of Leaders.

The One Minute Apologist – A great site by founder Bobby Conway, with numerous resources with quick and insightful answers to some of the common objections to the Christian Faith.

Os Guinness – A great Christian thinker and social critic. Also author of many great books including The Call.

John Lennox – An Oxford don with a triple doctorate. Also a tremendous Biblical scholar, apologist, and author.

Reasonable Faith – The resource-rich website of Dr. William Lane Craig. A wealth of material!

Reasons To Believe – the website of astronomer, Hugh Ross, a brilliant scientist and Christian apologist.

Socrates in the City – Author, radio talk show host, and speaker, Eric Metaxas interviews various guests about “Life, God, and other small topics.” A great forum to hear big ideas discussed by great people. Eric’s many books are all great, but my favorite is Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce, a personal hero! However, he is best known as the author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy.

Kairos Journal – A resource for Pastors and ministry leaders, you must apply to be approved for full access. A wealth of information on many topics.

Discovery Institute – An organization specializing in areas of science, economics, technology, and public policy. Headed up by Stephen C. Meyer, it is a great source of information on the Intelligent Design movement.