Other Resources

Here you will find a potpourri of various links and recommended resources for your ongoing research and learning!

LIST OF RECOMMENDED APOLOGISTS – Just in case you missed it on the other pages where it’s posted!

Capturing Christianity – A great website with numerous articles and interviews on various topics. A great apologetics resource.

The Veritas Forum – Engaging discussions about the relevant issues of the day by some of the brightest thinkers of our times.

The Trinity Forum – Another excellent organization that is “Contributing to the Transformation and Renewal of Society Through the Transformation and Renewal of Leaders.

RZIMRavi Zacharias International Ministries – An abundance of resources from one of the most trusted voices in Christian Apologetics and evangelism today.

RZIM Academy – An online school with from Ravi Zacharias Ministries with a number of great courses. I am on my fourth with them now!

The One Minute Apologist – A great site by founder Bobby Conway, with numerous resources with quick and insightful answers to some of the common objections to the Christian Faith.

Os Guinness – A great Christian thinker and social critic. Also author of many great books including The Call.

John Lennox – An Oxford don with a triple doctorate. Also a tremendous Biblical scholar, apologist, and author.

Reasonable Faith – The resource-rich website of Dr. William Lane Craig. A wealth of material!

Reasons To Believe – the website of astronomer, Hugh Ross, a brilliant scientist and Christian apologist.

Socrates in the City – Author, radio talk show host, and speaker, Eric Metaxas interviews various guests about “Life, God, and other small topics.” A great forum to hear big ideas discussed by great people. Eric’s many books are all great, but my favorite is Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce, a personal hero! However, he is best known as the author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy.

Kairos Journal – A resource for Pastors and ministry leaders, you must apply to be approved for full access. A wealth of information on many topics.

Discovery Institute – An organization specializing in areas of science, economics, technology, and public policy. Headed up by Stephen C. Meyer, it is a great source of information on the Intelligent Design movement.

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