We are indeed living in what someone else has called The Golden Age of Christian Apologetics. There is no way we can list all the valuable books that one should read, so we’ve simply given a list of some of those we think will be a great start to those seeking answers to some of the frequently raised objections to the Christian Faith.

Some books are more academically oriented and can be more difficult for the layman to read, so we have listed those books which we feel will give good, relevant content but which are likewise accessible to the average reader. However, if your experience is like mine, you’ll find that these books and authors will lead you on to deeper reading, as well as introduce you to more wonderful authors of Christian apologetics and Biblical worldview. The live links will take you to the page where they can be purchased.

The Case For a Creator

One of the joys I have in presenting these books to you is introducing you to amazing authors. Lee Strobel has become widely known in the apologetics community through his many best selling books, most famous among them being The Case For Christ. More recently, however, the movie by the same name has catapulted Lee into even greater recognition to the general public.

This book, The Case For A Creator, while perhaps not as widely known as The Case For Christ, is my favorite of Lee’s many excellent books, since it delves into the scientific objections often raised today.

The Case For Christ

Perhaps the most famous of Lee Strobel’s excellent books, The Case For Christ examines the evidence for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, dealing with a wide range of topics from the reliability of the Bible to the historical and medical evidence surrounding the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

If you’ve faced having to answer questions regarding the life and Person of Jesus or regarding his death, burial, and resurrection, or if you yourself have struggled with what the Bible claims to be true Jesus Christ, this is the book for you!

On Guard

William Lane Craig is a widely known and highly regarded Christian apologist with a tremendous intellect and ability to deal with the toughest questions from both a philosophical as well as scientific perspective. He is the author of many books, all of which would doubtless be worth your while. His classic, Reasonable Faith, is perhaps his best-known work, but this little book, On Guard, is an excellent work in its own right and perhaps a little more accessible for those starting out in Christian apologetics. A great read!


Justin Brierley is not a scholar. Rather, he is the host of Unbelievable?, a British radio talk show which hosts debates between Christian and secular thinkers. After 10 years of hearing the best evidence presented by both sides, Justin wrote this book to share his own story as to why he is still firmly rooted in his convictions about the Christian Faith.

For someone starting out, this book, Unbelievable?, will serve to be both inspiring and informative. There is also a podcast available of the show which can be downloaded on iTunes.

Cold-Case Christianity

Just as Lee Strobel came to Christ through his occupation as a Legal Editor and Investigative Journalist, J. Warner Wallace likewise came to faith through his work as a cold case criminal investigator. Combining the eye for detail of an investigator along with a clear analysis of the data, Wallace makes a compelling case for the evidence for God and the Christian Faith in Cold-Case Christianity. His other books, Forensic Faith, and God’s Crime Scene take the same approaching, presenting the evidence for faith through the eye of an investigator.

A Practical Guide to Culture

On the Biblical Worldview front, A Practical Guide To Culture is not only accessibly written but John Stonestreet of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and coauthor, Brett Kunkle, have given us a valuable tool for addressing some of the challenges believers are facing in today’s postmodern culture.

One of my favorite books on Biblical Worldview is Christian Ethics in Plain Language. This book by Kerby Anderson is very good but not available as an ebook. Stonestreet and Kunkle have given us a book that is as good as Anderson’s but also deals with some of the more recent issues the Church faces today, such as gender identity and transgenderism.

I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist

Having now read this book, this is it. If I had only one book with which to defend the Christian Faith, it would be I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist. Its arguments are the same ones I’ve read and heard many times before, but they are made with accessibility and great thoroughness.

Both Norman Geisler and Frank Turek are well-known and very well respected apologists, and Norman Geisler has long been recognized as a leading theologian. Frank Turek has a radio show called Cross Examined, which is available as a podcast on iTunes.

Evidence That Demands a Verdict

It is safe to say that the name of Josh McDowell has been synonymous with Christian apologetics since his famous books, Evidence That Demands a Verdict and More Than a Carpenter, burst onto the scene decades ago. In fact, for many of us, McDowell was the only name that came to mind when the term apologist was brought up. So, it is fitting that all these many years later, Evidence That Demands A Verdict should be once again updated with contributions from Josh’s son, Sean McDowell, a well-known and respected apologist in his own right.

Mere Christianity

When a mind as bright as that of C. S. Lewis believes in God, he almost becomes an apologetic in himself. There is no name spoken of more often in the field of Christian apologetics that I know of than Lewis’. His keen mind, unfaltering reason, coupled with his quick wit make him both profound and enjoyable to read. Mere Christianity certainly stands as a classic among classics in the field of Christian apologetics, and no list would be complete without it!

Other books of renown by Lewis would be the delightful children’s books, The Chronicles of Naria, his Space Trilogy, The Screwtape Letters, The Abolition of Man, Surprised By Joy, The Great Divorce, and many, many more.