Dr. Randy is available to speak at your church or ministry event!

Dr. Randy has spent his life either planting, building, or encouraging local churches, and he greatly desires to see them thrive. As a minister, Dr. Randy’s experience is wide-ranging. In addition to having planted and pastored churches on both coasts of the United States, he also served as an itinerate minister, teaching and preaching in local churches around the nation and abroad. During his days as a traveling minister, the move of the Holy Spirit and healing were both prominently featured, and many Pastors and have testified to the tremendous impact those meetings had on both their people and the on-going ministry life of their churches. Today, in addition to his pastoral responsibilities, he also serves as a professor, graduate advisor and Director of Christian Apologetics and Biblical Worldview at Summit Bible College, located in Bakersfield, California.

Dr. Bunch is a published author with several titles available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks. Recently, he has also been writing for Christian magazines, and one of his articles will be appearing in a national pastor’s magazine in the spring of 2018. His blog has a growing following, as he writes on issues that are relevant to believers endeavoring to live for Christ in an increasingly secular, morally ambivalent society.  While believing strongly in the need for believers to depend upon the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit, he also believes that as Christ-followers in an increasingly skeptical culture, we need to be able to intelligently articulate and defend the Faith to those who have honest questions. His desire is to see believers equipped to meet the challenges of our times and effectively and powerfully represent Christ as His ambassadors in today’s troubled world.

To find out more about Dr. Randy’s seminars, simply click here. In addition to the day or two-day seminars, he speaks on a wide range of subjects designed to both equip and encourage believers and local churches. To invite Dr. Randy to speak at your church or ministry event, simply contact him, providing all the pertinent information regarding place and time. He will get back to you right away.