Dr. Randy is available for seminars in local churches. These “Saturday Seminars” can be done in the course of three 50 minute sessions with a break for lunch and then a final Q&A or Ministry Session depending upon the seminar in question. For more information and pricing, simply Contact us.

The following is a partial list of seminars available through Dr. Randy’s ministry. He is also available for single service meetings on Sundays or Midweek services.

Healing School

The healing ministry has been a part of Dr. Randy’s life for many, many years. The Lord gave him a very particular commission regarding the healing ministry early in his life which he has remained faithful to for many years. As a result, many have testified to having received healing through Dr. Randy’s ministry. In addition, he has authored at least two books that focused on the subject.

This seminar will establish the Biblical basis for healing in our redemption, giving the believer confidence both to receive and minister healing.

Apologetics & Worldview

Giving answers and being able to defend the Christian faith is not just for the highly educated or the experts. As Peter tells us, we should “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that (we) have…” (1 Peter 3:15.

Dr. Randy has been a lover and teacher of Christian apologetics and wants to help every believer become equipped to speak to the need of the hour and give an effective defense of the Christian Faith.

Biblical Worldview

Everybody has a worldview, whether they know it or not. What’s alarming, however, is that a recent poll but the Barna Group has shown that only about 10% of adults in America have a Biblical worldview and only about 31% of those claiming to be born again. This is a huge problem, especially when we live in a society that is already suffering from such moral confusion.

Learn what comprises the essentials of a Biblical worldview as well as how to articulate that to those asking. This seminar is a great companion to the Everyday Apologetics seminar.

The Holy Spirit

For a number of years, Dr. Randy’s first church experienced a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. Healings and demonstrations of God’s power were commonplace. Afterward, the Lord led him and another minister to go into local churches around the nation, as well as overseas, and help them facilitate and maintain a move of the Spirit in their ministries. The work of heaven cannot be done in the arm of the flesh. It requires a Spirit-led and Spirit-empowered Church to do the works of Jesus.

Part 1 – The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

There is an experience subsequent to salvation that is for the purpose of equipping the believer for service. This series establishes the foundation for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, as well as its purpose and evidence.

Part 2 – The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The gifts of the Spirit are not for a by-gone era. Rather, they are the tools of heaven, given to equip the Church for supernatural ministry.

Part 3 – Flowing with the Spirit of God

For the better part of six years, Dr. Randy traveled throughout the United States and abroad, helping local churches to better cooperate with the moving of the Holy Spirit, both by precept and example. This is a great seminar for churches that are hungry to recover the move of the Spirit in their church services and in their daily lives.