5 thoughts on “Healing School 2019 – Lesson 1

  1. Hi Randy, Unfortunately when I study something I need to be able to read it so that I can slowly and carefully go over the material. I’m interested in what you have to say and I’ve listened to some of your material but I still believe that God is sovereign and that He doesn’t always heal those that ask for a healing. Nabeel Qureshi comes to mind. Do you have something in a written format that I can look at from the Healing School perspective? I’ve seen and experienced some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation but because of all of the abuses that surround the “healing” aspect of the gifts, I’ve always been hesitant. I’ve also prayed for people to be healed (with their permission) but the two or three times that I did that, nothing happened. This post of mine pretty well spells out my understanding on the subject but I’m willing to listen.


    My apologies for the ten links within this one link but to date, I have not found any study or documentation that better spells out the expressed understanding contained therein, that I can agree to.

    And yet you and your ministry, apparently see different results and I don’t understand why. Hence I will study what you have to say and compare it with the content of the ten links.

    If you have the time and I realize that I am asking a lot, any comments you might have on the info presented within the ten links would also be appreciated. I know how much time that would take so please don’t feel obligated, I was just kind of hoping but I thoroughly understand if you are not able to.

    Grace and blessings.



  2. Follow up Note: I’ve read through your PDF notes on the Healing School for 2016. You also have Bill Johnson, Randy Clark and Kenneth Hagen (with their applicable publications) listed as recommended resources to make use of with regard to healing. Gotta tell you that raises serious concerns for me due to the associated New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) doctrines and the numerous unbiblical so called “Holy Spirit” manifestations or practises associated with these particular individuals. Considering the other recommended books and videos you list regarding Christianity, the vast majority of these noteworthy authors, would be in disagreement with your inferred atonement benefits for physical healing, I’m surprised that you would even list Johnson, Clark and Hagen . Curious what your take is on the “Holy laughter” (Kenneth Hagen and others) manifestation is and the NAR doctrines of Bill Johnson. This link refers: https://bcooper.wordpress.com/2018/06/23/the-false-doctrines-of-bill-johnson/

    I’m not trying to be disrespectful Randy, I’m just having a difficult time understanding the Biblical footing and associations that you’re operating from.

    Best Regards,


    1. Bruce, I’ll be happy to respond to your questions, though it may be a little while in coming. My stepson gets married tomorrow, so we’re busy with all the surrounding activities. A quick comment though on the healing in the atonement issue. All blessings from God, before and after the cross, are by way of atonement. Apart from the cross, all mankind deserves from the hand of God is judgment. All grace and blesding flows from the cross. All Old Testament benefits come on the basis of a promissory note of what God would purchase for us at Calvary. This is why types of the atonement we’re required whenever healing was received. Even the healing covenant God established with Israel in Exodus 15:26 when He revealed himself as Jehovah-Rapha was centered around the type of redemption in the ”tree” which Moses cast into the water to ”heal” the bitter waters of Mara.

      Besides this, James tells us that ”the prayer of faith will save (sozo) the sick.” Faith cannot stand in midair, it must be grounded to something upon which that faith can stand. This is why Romans tells us that ”Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” in other words, without a biblical promise/foundation to reveal that healing is provided, a definite faith for healing is impossible. As F. F. Bosworth, author of Christ the Healer, said so well, ”Faith begins where the will of God is known.” As far as a good written source, I highly recommend ”Bodily Healing In The Atonement” by TJ McCrossan. It’s rich in original language word studies which bring out the argument for healing in the atonement. Also, Bosworth’s book, Christ the Healer is generally regarded as one of the best books on healing. As far as I know, all healing ministers believe in bodily healing provided by redemption. Apart from it, no blessing is possible, as it was the means by which God’s beneficence is made available to us (Romans8:32). I’m not much if a proponent of most doctrinal watchdog groups. I’ve heard too many purposely misrepresent the teachings of good men who didn’t match their particular dogmas. I know Nabeel visited Bethel in the course of seeking healing and saw people healed of the very condition with which he was diagnosed. We watched his journey closely and loved him very much. I don’t really follow the ministry of Bill Johnson or Randy Clark. Not because of any particular reason other than it’s just not been a source of feeding for me. The books listed were read and we’re included in the bibliography on the basis of their merits, all the NAR stuff is newer to.me. I’m not a proponent at all of NAR, but have also heard that they deny all such associations as well. I often quote people whom I disagree with on various particulars, so long as the statements they make are of merit.

      In our Skype crusades we routinely see many healed each month. Last month, for example, 136 we’re saved and there were over 50 testimonies of healing, from tumors disappearing to crippled conditions being healed. This happens to some degree each month to some degree depending on the size of the crowds, etc., and is always accomplished through a prayer at the end of the message where healing is preached as a means of conveying the idea of Christ bearing our sins as well as our sicknesses (Issiah 53:4, Matthew 8:16-17). This is the point McCrossan brings out so powerfully. Over thirty-five years of healing ministry we’ve seen incurables healed, as well as many instant miracles of healing. I can share more, but it might be easier over email. Send me a message at info@connectingpc.org. Blessings!


  3. Thanks Randy, no rush with regard to the info in the ten links but when you can that would be great. Will send you a follow up msg via email tomorrow. Enjoy the wedding! Blessings.


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